Our Discord Community members are an important group of people that support the network. All conversations should be had in a respectful manner.


Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, hate speech directed towards race, gender, sexual orientation, or any hate speech directed toward any group. Any NSFW conversations or imagery are not allowed. Any sexual or violent conversations will not be allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, gifs, images, external links, or text. If you feel that if you have been made uncomfortable or targeted, please reach out to a member of the executive team and we will investigate each incident separately.


Self-promotion will not be allowed without consent from an executive member of the network. This includes, but is not limited to, podcasts, art (visual and audible), websites, articles, or streaming services.

Disciplinary Actions

If we feel that any of the rules have been broken, the following disciplinary actions will occur:

  • First offense will result in a written warning from someone from the managerial or executive team.
  • Second offense will lead to a 24-hour suspension from our Discord server.
  • Third, and final offense, will lead to termination of the subscription to our Discord.

You will not receive a refund for that month’s subscription

The executive team holds the right to remove you from Discord and can cancel your subscription if we feel any of these rules have been broken. We also hold the right to bypass strikes one and two and remove you from Discord immediately, if the circumstances of the offense are extreme. In any situation, you will receive a personal message from a member of the managerial or executive team investigating the action.

Discord Community

We want everyone to enjoy their time here, but please do not take any friendly banter too seriously. We are all fans of varying degrees in each of the channels. Remember that banter on a web server means you are talking to people you don’t really know. Therefore makes you unaware of their personal boundaries for teasing and such banter. We don’t want a rigid community, but certainly a respectful one.

If you have any suggestions for channels you would like added to Discord, contact a moderator to begin the process of considering the addition.

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