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Potential Landing Spots for College Football Standouts

Week 11 of the NFL season is nearly wrapped up and I wanted to begin a new project that I kicked around.

I’m gonna look into potential prospects that could have helped some of my favorite teams and why. Keep in mind that I can’t predict the future so these prospects could fall or climb as Trey Smith AND Creed Humphrey are in the same draft class. This will be done on NFL Mock Draft Simulator with their draft order and recommended positions of need throughout week 11 of the 2021-2022 NFL season. Now let’s begin.

Denver Broncos: Potential 13th pick overall; QB, OT, S, EDGE

Denver is currently on a bye this week but let’s try and help them with a potential prospect. Names to think about: Kenny Pickett, QB, Pittsburgh; Charles Cross, OT, Mississippi State; and Drake Jackson, EDGE, USC. Denver is currently content with Teddy Bridgewater but the question “Who’s our Franchise QB?” isn’t answered. Kenny Pickett is told to be the safest QB in this class as Denver has a great roster fit for a QB rookie contract. This allows Denver to sign players to help develop the QB rather they keep him upright, allow him to score, or get him extra possessions. 

 Kansas City Chiefs: Potential 25th pick overall; WR, EDGE, S, CB

Kansas City looks to have gotten their groove back as they demonstrated excellent resilience on the defensive side of the ball versus Dallas, holding them to nine points. 

Names to think about: David Bell, WR, Purdue; Myjai Sanders, EDGE, Cincinnati; and Daxton Hill, S, Michigan. If the draft was this week I would find it difficult to not find a talented wide receiver to help Patrick Mahomes with not dropping the ball rather it hits his chest, hands, arms, legs. You get it, the Chiefs have had a lot of drops. The Chiefs haven’t spent a first-round pick on a wide receiver in some time now and I’d love to see David Bell, wide receiver out of Purdue. This kid fights for the ball and fights for the extra yards. Bell runs excellent screens, short passes, middle of the field passes with gracious body control with stop and go technique.

Indianapolis Colts: 49th pick overall; OT, EDGE, CB, QB

The Colts ran away on Jonathon Taylor’s rushing performance against the Buffalo Bills. Overall excellent execution on both sides of the ball so it’ll be tough to see where this pick may go towards.

Names to think about: Thayer Munford, OT, Ohio State; Zach Harrison, EDGE, Ohio State; and Derion Kendrick, CB, Georgia. Seeing Tackle as a position of need after the performance Jonathan Taylor had versus the Buffalo Bills is interesting. Tackle would help improve offensive efficiency. It’s easy to see why when you look at their passing numbers so far this year. Ranking 16th in passing yards this season. Carson Wentz would improve but the Colts rank 5th in the league with 28.1 points per game per ESPN with a very potent running game ranking third overall in the NFL. So I’ll go ahead and address the defense and get some depth in the secondary with Derion Kendrick from Georgia being my selection. This will help a very talented team with another tool to put in their toolbox. Excellent coverage and shows a knack for football, along with great run support.


That’ll do it for today folks. Come by next weekend to see who I’d recommend for your football squad!

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